Monday, May 30, 2011

the long awaited pictures of our costume?

satoru here~

finally the rush period of our making of costume is finished. and went for a small event which doesnt seem to actually be fun at all. -ended up sitting for the whole event-

anyways one pictures for the curious ones.

(left to right: rika as karakuri burst rin, me(satoru) as karakuri burst len)

everything was selfmade. except for the wigs (we cant make them can we?) and the shoes.

rushed everything out within a few days~ that was horrible. rika's wig is not listening to us and kept droping resulting in a huge pain. my eyepatch was the same story, until i stuck it to underneath the wig. =.=

anyways. late story is late. here i bring to you some photos of my alice in wonderland shots. /shot

(i look tall~ behind me is the singapore flyer~)

(at this part. i dont like the shots. but... but.... QAQ)

(my favourie shot~<3)

not much to share here other then, everything for alice is bought except for the ribbon. the costume is so huge! QAQ

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

boom! update~

satoru here~ its not updating here but ah well~



yes i am serious. exams. anyways back to revision. however after exams, me and rika would be rushing out 2 costume so look forward to them~