Friday, April 1, 2011

miku wig 'tutorial'

Wow, i decided to post this. XD anyways, this weekend i was busy untangling my miku extensions, 120cm. very tangled. DX

so this is the photo of both, after and before picture~

firstly, the horribly tangled one.

when untangled

-start from the bottom. never do it all at one go. hair ball increase will be a definite
-section by section. save all the "OMG. why is it tangled again?!" of course put it far far away from the rest*cough*tie it up*cough*
-untangle all at one go. hair love to get tangled every time so, thats why do it finish all at a go
-invest in a wig comb. trust me. it helps. -from my experience-
-plait it if you are afraid that it would get tangled again *cough*likeme*cough*
-just comb. it would be for the best
-hate tangles, DON'T get a curly wig. they get tangled super easily. -have no tips for this, cause i dont have curly wigs-

i only got one small hair ball from this two extensions,

how to do it:
1) put it at a high high place that you can comfortably comb there for at least for an hour or so.
2)comb the bottom to top. stop if the tangles are getting to much and then slowly untangle that.
3)take away that section

suitable for the wigs that around that tangled. i never tried it on a very tangled wig before.
anyways, if you still are afraid, dont do long hair characters then.

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