Sunday, April 3, 2011

Review on Dark Royalties

Whee~ Hey there! Rika here, yet again.

Today I'm going to give you a review on this shop we found at Far East Plaza (Singapore, people, Singapore XD ). But first, let's have a how-to-get-there!

  1. Go to Orchard MRT. You'll want to remember that it's on the red line. Kay~?
  2. Proceed to Exit A. There are numerous exits in an MRT station, they're usually numbered by alphabets. Keep your eyes open!
  3. Keep on going straight through a tunnel, and take the escalator in front. Then take the nearest escalator you see. (Oh fine, it's hidden by a wall. '3' )
  4. You'll be out on the main road now! Turn right!
  5. Keep on walking, past Hyatt hotel, into Far East Plaza~
  6. Go up to the second floor!
  7. Turn left, and yeah, keep on walking, we want you ALL the way at the left side of the plaza.
  8. You should see LIPS Enterprise. No, that's not your destination. Turn left s'more and go straight.
  9. Turn into this little alley that looks a bit outta place.
  10. Go all the way to the end, it's the last shop.
And you will see:
So we saw, we went, and we squealed (or, to save Satoru's seemingly existent pride, I), and we went in and checked it out! Let's start with the easier stuff first, no? The service was good. -voice drops to a dramatic whisper- They let us take photos. -reverts back- The staff were helpful and willing to recommend us certain items, and answer our questions. So yes, that's about it I suppose. Not. Hee hee. The items!

The prices ranges from $40 to below $200. The dresses are obviously more expensive, but we believe that it's worth it. ^^

So final summary: The selection, although limited, are of good quality. And some of them are really, really pretty. -eyes sparkles- The service is helpful (compared to snobby shopkeepers). The only downfall, however, is the inconvenience in getting to the shop itself.

The important info: DARK ROYALTIES

Address: 14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza
#03-06 shop 4 Singapore 228213
Contact info:
You Weiwei - +65 9875 7505
Ang Guowei- +65 9382 2164


I suppose that's it. XD Satoru will pick up on whatever I missed.

I hope!

Rika, signing off.

whesh! satoru here. rika has cover most of the main parts i will just go deeper neh~

as my phone cant transfer pictures to the computer, i will be using the pictures i found on their site.

service: real awesome. the employers are young people and somehow of stereotypical thinking. you may think that they may be the really annoying ones. =v=a mah... not to worry! they are really social able!


as i am not really knowledgeable about wa-lolita. i cant say much. but i love their quality even if the prices is really out of my budget. TvT sometimes i wish i can have more money. ah.... back to the topic. limited choices online, but more in the shop.

wonderful product but, as a student prices are over the top. OTL if i have the money i would buy products there. a DO-WANT in my list and a MUST-GO-SPOT in my list.

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